Introducing a NEW TREND to Maltese couples

30 May, 2017

Destination wedding planners organise weddings in Malta or abroad for foreigners. None of the Maltese destination wedding planners organise weddings to the locals outside the Maltese coast.

As destination wedding planners, at Chris X., we also offer inbound destination wedding services. Right now, we are introducing a new trend to the Maltese couples. Have you ever thought of getting married abroad? These types of weddings are getting more and more popular every year.

So, what are destination weddings?

Weddings in Malta for foreigners

Some foreign couples choose to travel with their family and friends to get married, away from the country they reside in, a country they have always desired to say, ‘I do’.

In such weddings, the average stay of the guests is three days, whereas the couple tend to spend a whole week. Destination weddings are very different from the Maltese weddings we know. The decisions are made by the couple, or in case of Indian weddings by their families. European couples celebrate their wedding over a day, and then maybe hold another event before and/or after the wedding day. Indian weddings are more elaborate and colourful, and take two to three days of celebrations.

These destination weddings work around the couple’s budget. There are luxurious, big weddings and intimate weddings – to each his own. In this blog, I am going to focus on intimate weddings. Most destination weddings are intimate; number of invitees ranging from 15 guests up to 100 guests. For the couple’s family and friends, the experience is just like going to a holiday. In this case, if the guests do not present a gift to the couple, it is not a big deal. The only thing that matters to the couple is that they spend their big day with their loved ones. In some cases, after-party bars will not be that open-bar that we are so accustomed to in our Maltese weddings. Instead, invitees are expected to pay for their drinks during the after-party. Everything boils down to budget. I can imagine the reaction of Maltese readers right now, but yes, as surprising as this might sound,  for foreigners this is common practise. Other couples decide to pay everything themselves, and in some cases even the lodging of their guests, especially in Indian weddings.

Gay couples, who would like to tie the knot, but reside in countries were civil union or marriage is not allowed, are familiar with destination weddings. Gay couples are accustomed to choosing to acknowledge their love in a foreign country. Malta is a perfect destination for gay civil unions, due to its geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean, and also because Malta is the first country in Europe with the most rights and protection to LGBTIQ community.

Weddings abroad for the Maltese

Some of the Maltese have already started going abroad to celebrate their bachelor’s and bachelorette’s. On top of that, they choose another foreign destination to enjoy their big honeymoon; top countries on the lists, America, Mauritius, Maldives. Most of the Maltese honeymooners spend circa ten days up to a month abroad. As islanders, the majority of the Maltese travel (minimum) once a year, for a vacation. Having said that, if you are adventurous, who detests traditions, and would like to break the cycle, you have all the right ingredients to explore the possibility of a destination wedding.

Can you imagine getting married in a majestic palace in Europe or in India or Thailand? Maybe you prefer a nice beach wedding at the Bahamas or Maldives? Most of us Maltese have families who are living in Australia. Imagine getting married in the spectacular scenery of Australia, experiencing a different set of photo backdrops from what we normally see in Malta!

When it comes to weddings, the Maltese mentality is evolving. Nowadays, Maltese couples know that they can choose between a civil or a religious wedding. If you opt for a destination wedding, you can still choose between the two.

We, Maltese, prefer to organise a big wedding, inviting 200 to 500 guests. Maltese wedding couples spend an average of €30,000 and another average of €7,000 on honeymoon expenses. So, what if instead of spending an amount of money for, let’s say, 400 - 500 guests (whom most of them you might not even know anyway), you decide to take just 25 - 100 relatives and friends to Norway, Austria, Sicily, or any other country you want in the world? Like I said, most of the Maltese love to travel every year, so it might also be a vacation for your guests. You can see destination weddings like a two-in-one event – wedding and honeymoon for the couple – vacation and celebration for the guests.

If you are picturing yourself getting married in a forest or a nice beach, but at the back of your mind you are visualising your parent’s reaction when you tell them, “Dad, mum, we decided to get married abroad.” Hold it! I have another alternative for you – have a normal wedding in Malta, and then during your honeymoon abroad, have an intimate, symbolic wedding ceremony, just the two of you, where a photographer will capture those charming moments.

Many couples, during their consultation meeting tell me, “Chris, we want something unique!” My reaction to that is uniqueness is expensive. On the other hand, I did give you one unique, alternative idea that wouldn’t exceed your pre-planned budget.

If you opt for a destination wedding, your big day will be a memorable one to you and your guests. Take my word for it.

Are you intrigued by this new concept? Talk to us; we will pave the way!